Customer Service

Being a Czarble, a connoisseur in marble, we understand our customers to the minutest extent. Our aim is to provide quality service to our customers and work towards building and maintaining a relationship for a lifetime.Which are performed by own specialized layers and workers of competence. In this way, we are providing a complete key in hand service, assuring a final result of very good quality.

Moreover, if you wish suggestions to furnish an ambient with personalized solutions, we are able to propose innovative and elegant solutions for all the tastes, from the classic to the modern one; this service is free for own Customers and represents a value added service to meet a sure satisfaction of the Customers.


Well known and famous names of architects are associated with us.When our Client requires we provide assistance in selecting and contacting the architects.


Laying People

Best quality of laying services and products are provided by our professional laying team.

Recommended Installation Procedure

  • We recommended the slab to be cut in to 3 pieces, but in India due to heavy preference of large size & seamless floor you can also use the same in 2 pieces for flooring in 20mm & 16 mm thickness.
  • We recommended only latex base adhesives for installation, 5mm to 10mm groove below the skirting for thermal expansion & 3 to 5 mm of expansion joint in a large public area like shopping malls after evry 8 mtrs.
  • In case if you use cement & sand, the proportion of cement vis-a-vis sand should be 1:4, provided the skrid has 0% water retention.
  • There should not be any white cement filling on the surface of the marble & in the joints. You should use only tenex for filling the groutes after 4/5 days of laying of marble. During this period leave the joints open.
  • No POP should be used directly on the marble. Marble should be covered with thick sheet of plastic befoe applying POP.


Maintenance People

We provide suggestions regarding selection of worlds well known products for quality maintenance.

Maintenance Procedure

Wet mopping to be done by using Ph7 neutral cleaner which has no acidic or alkaline base ( FILA cleaner ) 2 caps of cleaner in one bucket of water-5liters. The mop should be clean and rinsed properly before applying at all the time. (Water should not drip from the mop ). Vacuum the dirty water immediately. Repeat cleaning the floor with plain water. Vacuum the dirty water immediately.

In case aggressive staining as stated above the water absorption of the composite marble is 0.3%. Hence it will not absorb stain to the bottom of the slab. The stain will remain on the surface which can be easily cleaned with any neutral detergent. In case the stain still cannot be removed we can use a composite marble cleaner like Fila ps87. Even after using this if the stain doesn't go you can rebuff the damaged area as composite marble is repolishable.