Green Quarry
Our quarry is one of the oldest situated in the world famous KESARIAJI belt of Udaipur region, and is popular in the international markets for HIGH QUALITY GREEN MARBLES. We are well equipped with new generation Italian machineries like, Tunneling machines, Diamond belt saws, Drilling equipments etc., which ensures optimum utilization of materials.

White Quarry
Our WHITE QUARRY is the high-grade calcite marble situated in Asia's Biggest Market named as Umti Rajsamand. The marble obtained from this quarry has pure white finish. Our vigilant quarrying of marble and skilled extraction of the valued blocks is fully mechanized with the latest technology from Italy such as Tunneling machines, Diamond belt saws, Drilling equipments etc., which ensures best possible employment of resources.

Quarrying Process
The principle tool of modern quarrying is a wire cable 1cm in diameter, fitted at 5cm intervals with diamond-studded collars. Holes are drilled in the mountain, the cable is threaded through the holes to form a loop, and the loop is driven at high speed by an electric motor.

In an open pit quarry, the marble is extracted in rectangular blocks approximately measuring 8' x 8' x 16'. Once the sides and back of a block have been separated from the mountain using the wire cable, the bottom is undercut from the front using a chain saw that translates along a horizontal rail.

Eventually the block splits away from the wall and topples to the ground. Marble is hard, but it is also brittle. To prevent the 80 ton block from shattering on impact, a bed of rubble is prepared beforehand. Too large to transport, this block will be cut into smaller blocks measuring 4' x 4' x 8' and weighing 10 tons. The marble blocks will then be transported by truck to a sawmill.